Rain Tech, LLC, Tumwater, WA.

We are a full service landscape irrigation and lighting company, offering the following services:
Design, installation, and repair of landscape irrigation systems. Our specialty is going into an existing residential landscape and installing new irrigation systems without trenching. This is done by pulling the pipe into the ground with a vibratory plow, creating less damage to existing landscaping, saving time, money and the hassle of re-doing the landscape.


dripBetter than Rainfall!

Even though convenience is a definite advantage of an automatic watering system, likely the most important benefit is the care of plants and shrubbery. You’ll have no more sporadic watering times, or water loss from leaky hoses, or over and under coverage.  By adding drip irrigation to your sprinkler system, potted plants are no hassle beauties.


Light_bulbHere’s a Bright Idea!

There are numerous types of lighting designed to highlight or accent the landscape: Cross Lighting, Mirror Lighting, Moon Lighting, Path Lighting, Silhouette Lighting, Spread Lighting, Uplighting, Grazing Effects, and Shadowing Effects. We can recommend, and install, lighting that will let your view your landscape in a whole new light!

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My experience with Rain Tech has far exceeded any expectations. They provided excellent preliminary design and installation options. Rain Tech’s staff is very knowledgeable, courteous, and always friendly. They are very prompt and willing to come make adjustments and any necessary services to my irrigation system. I would recommend Rain Tech to all my friends and family.
Anneka J.